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Big Drug Bust

John AndersonAugust 28, 2019

U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister announced Wednesday in addressing the media that dozens of people are behind bars following a three year-investigation into drug activity in the Manhattan area. McAllister says over fifty people have been charged as part of the investigation and more than thirty have already been taken into custody. Many of the charges are related to the trafficking of Opioids, such as fentanyl and heroin, and some of them are linked to overdose deaths. He called the effort in and around Manhattan and Riley Co. “a chance to clean out a city.” The overdose death of a Kansas State student, Maxwell F. Dandaneu, in 2017 helped trigger the entire investigation, McAllister said. He explained the student had purchased heroin to try it for the first time and it was laced with fentanyl. “That one and only time he tried it was fatal,” adding that the student was found dead the next day. Five of the defendants in one of the 13 indictments issued is connected to that student’s death. McAllister noted a few grams of fentanyl “so small you can barely hold it” can be deadly. fentanyl mixed with heroin is the second greatest drug threat in the state behind meth. The investigation was dubbed “Operation Chicago Connection” and some of the cases had a connection to the Windy City, As early as 2016, investigators in the Riley Co. region had been hearing about traffickers known as “the Chicago Boys.” Police were able to determine drug runners were making regular trips to Illinois to bring back heroin, fentanyl, and other drugs. McAllister said many of the drugs, like fentanyl, were likely produced overseas and were then repackaged when they got to the US.
The Riley Co. Police Dept. booking report shows 24 people were arrested Tuesday on allegations they were distributing opiates. RCPD would not say if any or all of those arrests were linked to this investigation.

Indictment No. 1 (Nine defendants, conspiracy, overdose death, heroin, fentanyl, and marijuana, $30,000 forfeiture)
Henry Clark, 42;
Sylvester Calvert, Jr., 31, Manhattan, Kan.;
Michael Clavert, 28, Manhattan, Kan.;
James Toliver, 39, Manhattan, Kan.;
Blake Woodward, 23;
Kimberly Obrecht, 33;
Robert Houston, Sr., 39;
Prianna Baggett, 24, Manhattan, Kan.;
Jeremy Richmond, 27

Indictment No. 2 (Five defendants, heroin, fentanyl, firearms, $30,000 forfeiture)
Kevin Henderson, 48, Topeka, Kan.;
Kenneth Shorter, 57, Manhattan, Kan.;
Wayne Ingram, 24;
Quinton Shorter, 65, Manhattan, Kan.;
Shirley Moton, 60, Manhattan, Kan.

Indictment No. 3 (21 defendants, methamphetamine, heroin firearms, $50,000 forfeiture)
Dontae Patterson, 39;
Michael Walker, Jr.,26;
Joseph Hammond, 48, Manhattan, Kan.;
Dawn Cyphers, 41;
Paul Goodman, III, 48, Junction City, Kan.;
Sasha Soules-Jones, 31;
Deanna Curry, 44;
Henry Jones, 33;
Reginald Carter, 35;
Earnest Johnson, 55, Manhattan, Kan.;
Mercyjazz Goodridge, 25, Manhattan, Kan.;
Derrick Blea, 26;
Jacob Alexander, 25, Manhattan, Kan.;
Scott Alexander, 25;
Austin Rowzer, 26;
Jerome Glaspie, 48;
Taylor Hodges, 21;
John Leroy Cody Deem, 28;
Elizabeth Hoover, 27 Manhattan, Kan.;
Nicholas Hodges, 26, Saint George, Kan.;
Luke Johnson, 56

Indictment No. 4 (Seven defendants, heroin, $30,000 forfeiture)
Christopher Williams, 48, Manhattan, Kan.;
Diana Moorman, 58, Manhattan, Kan.;
Michael Murphy, 51, Ogden, Kan.;
Melissa Henderson, 36;
Quinton Watts, 30;
Allison Krosschell, 24, Manhattan, Kan.;
Timothy Lanshaw, 26, Manhattan, Kan.

Indictment five (One defendant, firearms)
Frederick Swinson, 31

Indictment six (One defendant, heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, drug involved premise)
John Thompson, 59, Manhattan, Kan.

Indictment seven (Four defendants, methamphetamine, marijuana, hydrocodone, firearms, felonious use of a communication device)
Paige Jonas, 26, Manhattan, Kan.;
Trevonn Hall, 20, Ogden, Kan.;
Alyssa Hedmon, 28, Manhattan, Kan.;
Eric Jerome Tucker, 33

Indictment eight (One defendant, firearms, methamphetamine)
Daniel Mainvlle, 35, Manhattan, Kan.

Indictment nine (One defendant, fentanyl, removal of property to prevent seizure)
Chanel Toliver, 32, Manhattan, Kan.

Indictment ten (One defendant, methamphetamine)
Damon Brown, 44, Westmoreland, Kan.

Indictment 11 (One defendant, heroin, felonious use of a communication device)
Jason Simonds, 46, Manhattan, Kan.

Indictment 12 (One defendant, felonious use of a communication device)
Jerah Gasser, 26

Indictment 13 (One defendant, firearms)
James Atkinson, 50, Manhattan, Kan.






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